Tevo Limited is part of the Modul-System group, one of the world's leading manufacturer of racking solutions for service vehicles. The head office is located in Sweden and we have ten subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. In addition, we have global coverage through our partner network and the products are sold in 50 countries worldwide. Modul-System is part of the Lifco group, which is listed on the Swedish stock exchange.


  • Listed on the Swedish stock exchange
  • 138 companies in 30 countries
  • 4 800 employees
  • Total turnover of 10 billion SEK
  • Focus on profitability for sustainable growth
  • Highly decentralised organisations with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Long-term perspective on corporate development

Total solution provider
with growth potential

  • Good financial stability
  • Swedish origin and headquarters
  • Global coverage through subsidiaries and distributors 
  • Customer-driven business development
  • R&D and design capabilities
  • State of the art production facilities


The racking solutions are produced in our state of the art factory in Sweden. The products are manufactured using some of the most advanced production technologies in Europe. The manufacturing processes meet ISO 9001 certification, and also comply with the European TÜV standard.

In both our Swedish factory and our UK production facility, we practice LEAN management. By working in accordance with these principles, we ensure the quality and efficiency throughout our processes, which ultimately will benefit you as a customer.

In addition to our central warehouse, the products are held in our UK facility, enabling quick deliveries to our customers. 


Turning smart ideas into reality.

Quality. A passion for perfection.

Safety. Safety is a way of thinking.

Environment. Heavy arguments for lightweight solutions.

A safe choice

Our racking solutions are produced in our own factory in Sweden. The products are produced using some of the most advanced production technologies in Europe and the manufacturing processes meet ISO 9001 certification and also comply with the European TÜV standard.

Safety and quality are of paramount importance to Modul-System. We invest a lot of time and energy into the development of innovative, new products and then carry out stringent tests to make sure that the end product is of the highest quality possible. This includes laboratory, load capacity and vibration tests - simulating real use (3D) along with durability tests to replicate the complete product life cycle, ensuring that the products are designed to cope with the harsh environment that the vehicle and conversion can sometimes be subjected to.

Comprehensive crash testing is carried out at specialist research facilities as part of Modul-System's commitment to safety. The tests are known as ECE R17-07 with a 20g pulse for 30ms. This test is identical in all major respects to the DIN 75410-2 test, which is the equivalent to a crash at a speed of approximately 50 km/h.


Many years’ experience. Founded in 1970, Modul-System was a pioneer in the vehicle racking industry. From the beginning, we produced racking systems based on modules, a concept we have stayed true to throughout the years.


1970   Håells Inredningar founded
1972   First export sales
1983   Own production facility
1984   Change of name to Håells Modul-System
1994   New product range
1999   New product range + ISO 9001
2001   Modul-System Safety Programme  
2002   Became part of the Carl Bennet Group
2003   Change of name to Modul-System
2005   New product range (high strength steel)
2008   Acquisition of UK based Tevo Limited      
2010   New product platform incl. patented T-track profile
2013   New product range (ultra-high strength steel)  
2015   Acqusition of Danish Sanistål's racking operations
2018   Acqusition of Norwegian Toolpack's racking operations


We are a premium partner to the major vehicle manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel and Renault. In addition, our products comply with the European TÜV standard, and through ISO certification we ensure a high quality and safety throughout our complete business.



FM 27660
Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2015
We achieved accreditation in 1994 »

EMS 558280
Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:2015
We achieved accreditation in 2010 »

OHS 622048
Occupational Health and Safety Management System - ISO 45001:2018
We achieved accreditation in 2016 »
TÜV product certificate »
TÜV production facility certificate »



Tevo is part of the Lifco Group, following the Lifco Code of Conduct.

Lifco Code of Conduct (English) »

Lifco Code of Conduct (Swedish) »

Lifco Code of Conduct (German) »

Lifco Code of Conduct (French) »



UK Tax Strategy 2018 (English) »


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