New product ensures quick and efficient charge of your auxiliary battery bank

New product ensures quick and efficient charge of your auxiliary battery bank


Many craftsmen rely on the power in their auxiliary battery bank to charge and run their electrical equipment. Arriving at a job with an empty extra battery can be devastating, as it may result in unsatisfied customers and lost income.
Modul-System’s new battery charger will ensure that the auxiliary battery bank always is being charged when the vehicle is on. Thanks to specially developed software, it will also charge it quicker than equivalent chargers already available on the market.
To facilitate installation, all electrical components required to install the charger are included with the package.

Benefits with Modul-Systems battery charger:

  • Suitable for all light commercial vehicles, including those with smart alternators, regenerative braking technology and start/stop functionality
  • Will charge the auxiliary battery until it is full, which is not possible in split charge systems where the extra battery normally is charged to around 80 percent of its capacity
  • Fitted with specially developed software which ensures quick, controlled and safe charge of the auxiliary battery/batteries
  • All electrical components required for the installation are included with the product


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